Monday, January 20, 2014

Let's rock it.

Thought I'd show you today just how rocky it is around here. See this tree...

It sits atop a hill. Like so many others around here!

This is it up close...

And even closer...

Some of the fallen trees show the root system actually holding onto rocks after they've grown around them and then pulled the rocks up in the roots as they've fallen. Did that make sense?! I'll have to take a photo of it for you ;-)

But this is looking out from said tree. Still quite rocky in the foreground, not cropping country. Ah, but that view! Takes your eyes (and mind) off the rocks hey?!

Well, we've had a wonderfully cool, blustery wind today. Blowing in from the east. It's been bliss! I've had the whole house open. The blinds wide open. And we've been outside, and inside, and left the doors open to welcome the breeze in. Such a relief after the heat.

Tonight Mr RFS is off looking after a bush fire. So, while we've had relief, others are carefully watching. And waiting. And wondering. I hope they keep their eyes open and their hearts brave. It's good to be made to remember that relief for you might mean concern for another. My thoughts are with them tonight.

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