Friday, January 17, 2014

Moody Blues

Here are some moody blues for you.

Sunset from up the hill. Enough clouds to be interesting. Looking straight into the sun. With the light levels adjusted so the landscape is a black shadow. On New Year's eve what's more!

Things are fairly moody in this household today. It's still hot. Very hot. The small people had a late night so they are in bed for an afternoon siesta. I'm under strict instructions to wake them in an hour... Hmmm ;-) Mr Diligent is working from home and he's a little tense with his computer (to say the least!). The hills are dry. Very dry. And there's no significant rain forecast. Ah, the joys of our everyday life!

On that note I'll go. There are still clothes to iron, meals to plan, insurance to organise...

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