Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A dusk viewpoint

 Here's the dusk light from my viewpoint. Straight out the lounge room window. Across the paddock to the hills...

To the hill with one tree out on it's own...

Then the hill with no trees... (but what a graduated sky of colour!)

Then back to our tree...

And our flowering bulbs...

I must get out there and pick some... just can't quite bring myself to do it... at least we are enjoying them as we arrive home each day from the school run...

And then there are the cows... chomping away happily. With their halo effect as the sun shines in from behind...

That's dusk. You'd hardly imagine it could look that calm and peaceful outside. Not when you're in the reality that is INSIDE our house :-) Dusk is NOT calm. Or peaceful. No, not at all... The calm and peace doesn't come 'til long after dark! Your house like that???

Talk soon. Enjoy any peace you have.


  1. Dusk not calm here either. Despite that it's a lovely time of day. xx

    1. You are right in the middle of it with such small people! Good on you for still enjoying the loveliness of

  2. Not calm until 8:30pm, when I finally get to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee (decaf, of course, or I won't sleep).

    1. Yes, am with you on the decaf stuff Kathy! I paid dearly last night for the very necessary cup of tea I consumed at 18:00!!!


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