Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Still in the black... Dried chive flowers

So, following on from yesterday... remember I was in the black? And then I was distracted... Well here is more of the distraction...

It started with these old dried garlic chive flowers, I'd shoved them in a rough vase cos I thought they were too pretty to chuck out and too stinky to bring inside! Something about their fragility triggered something in my brain...

Hmmm. Those dried garlic chive flowers are looking rather pretty...

And when you over-expose the same shot they look quite dreamy! Or perhaps this shot has you reaching for your sunglasses ;-)

 But then I went back inside. To make a cup of tea. It's keeping my life together this week - tea that is! And through the kitchen window you get a different view, or rather a different background and different light. Ahah. The cuppa was forgotten for a few minutes...

I was off in another world! That world must have been a long, long way away to have forgotten the cup of tea! And that is a VERY good thing this week at our house. Not that you'd know it today, I've been feverishly cleaning disinfecting; you feel much better when the place smells clean. Gotta love white vinegar and eucalyptus oil!

The spider webs glint in the sunshine, and I'm smiling 'cos these spider webs are not inside my house :-) For once!

This shot below is one that I am tempted to tamper with. I think it has good bones, but the over-exposure is too much this time, I got a bit too carried away ;-)

So, it was a lovely bit of distraction :-) And I eventually got my cup of tea. All was well in the world. This moment of distraction led into a sweet afternoon. Sunshine, soup in the slow cooker, a jaffa cake in the oven and a cuppa with a beautiful friend. Hope you have/had a sweet time too!

PS - I know this shot isn't very focused. But I like it! Maybe it's a reflection of me taking these shots; not very focused ;-)

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