Friday, July 26, 2013

A great white light!

There is a great white light in our home, it is the direct result of some white paint and some, ok many, hours of brush-wielding by oneself :-)

Throw in some sunlight, and a slight over-exposure, and there is a definite glow in my new favourite room in our home! Some might say it was glare not glow, but I like my white :-) Not being a morning person I need every aid that there is to encourage me out of bed and into the world of wakefulness - so bring on the great white light!

Do you like the snuggly cushion below? Just perfect for winter in this white room ;-) My lovely mother made this for me, just like Dad, she does stuff for me that (virtually) no-one else would!

Even insignificant corners, ie. behind the door, become a gleaming spot of me to gloat in their very 'whiteness'! This corner is actually a bit special because that scroll is a japanese painted screen that my grandfather brought back from Japan for my grandmother many decades ago. And the ceramic electrical insulator is a 'treasure' found at the farm.

Oh, yes, I have a funny story about those...
 I use a lot of these as door stops about the house, I've been collecting them for years since I was a kid and before I ever knew about the farm we go to. The boy was in a second hand shop with me recently and pointed out the 'door stops' that they had for sale. It took me a few moments to realise he was talking about these, and a few moments more to explain to him that they are not really door stops (they did in fact have a 'proper' purpose other than what his mother used them for!). Nice when your small people have utmost faith in your use of household items - wish it carried over into utmost faith regarding their parents views about homework! And clean rooms!

But back to the great white light...

So now when I take photos in this room I don't have to be quite so careful about which walls/corners end up in the photos...


Though there is the issue of piles of folded (clean!) washing sitting on the bed waiting to be put away in the cupboard... Luckily yesterday they fitted in with the colour scheme :-)


Alright, now the confession... I still have at least one, probably two, coats of paint to put on the wardrobe louvred doors (see below)... You see I decided that it was more important to reorganise this room ready to sleep in than to have it completely finished before we went away last weekend... Silly me, now we are happily back sleeping in this lovely room but when will those doors be done?!
 Next week!!!

For now, Happy Weekend and enjoy any bright white light you see.


  1. Gorgeous Emm!! What a lovely room. It has real warmth and I'm with you on needing all the encouragement you can get when it comes to mornings. Hope all are well. xxx

    1. Thanks :) Mornings are not much fun huh?!


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