Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Morning Shortbread

These are shortbread biscuits. In the morning light. Yum! 

Recipe courtesy of here. Made with small people at the end of the holidays. A simple, no-frills recipe. But very satisfying in taste and crunch!

Half of the mixture is still in the freezer waiting for when I need a 'spot' more butter in my day ;-) You can roll these out and cook them within 20 minutes. Good stuff.

They didn't last long on this fair morning... I didn't even get my fair share!

At least no-one pilfered my cup of tea!

They would have been speaking to the hand (it was holding my life together at that point!)... just as the littlest one showed me the hand when I asked her to pose for a pic!

Hope you've been able to enjoy a bit of butter in your day! I'm still painting. Ah, I love white paint. In the middle of winter it's very refreshing in its brightness, even when it's dull and grey outside the newly painted walls look crisp and bright... And when it's all done I might just dig out the other half of this shortbread dough, finish cooking the batch and enjoy one or two with the littlest one amidst the peace of a new school term!

In this shot the eyes have it! They get me every time. And well she knows it! After nearly three years I am learning to resist her charms ;-)

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