Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Makin' the mosta of a coaster!

These are coasters made for me by my Pa. Does your Dad do stuff for you that (pretty much) no-one else would? Gotta luv Dads hey?!

My Pa lives quite a way away from here. So it's a great time when he and Mum come for a visit. And we always have a lovely time whether we do something exciting or just puddle about the back yard. On their recent visit we did both.

We went and got wood, as seen here, on a freezing cold day. Being with a farmer and on a farm we also did a couple of other things. It's never enough to just do one task and I get that you do notice/remember things as you go that need dealing with ;-) Anyway, on this day it was branches of trees leaning out over the farm fence. They needed to be taken down in case the wind blew them down and the fence too! See where this is going???

The branches turned out to be quite pretty wood. Not long lasting apparently, it will split over time as it dries out. But right now it's pretty. And some of those branches were just the right diameter for a coaster. Hmmm. Now do you see where we are going ;-)

So with Pa on my side some of the branches went into the trailer for the rubbish pile and other shorter pieces were cut and swiftly secluded amongst the BBQ stuff in the back of our car. They then came home with us and Pa got to work. Well, to be accurate, Pa had a night's rest and some breakfast before heading to the back shed and hitting the tools. He spent some happy hours with the gorgeous girl mucking about in the shed and on the tools.

This happy little pile of coasters is the result. He also (very cleverly) turned a section like these and made a paint brush stand for himself. All good fun hey?! And definitely making the most of something that would be burnt otherwise. I like this simple stuff. The rustic combination of nature and some-one's imagination :-) And those colours are rather a great combination... makes me think longingly of paint charts and with the whiff of white paint still lingering in the air around here that's quite a feat (ie. I can still feel the paint of the last paint job here and I'm already thinking of the next one!).

Let me tell you however, that there's not too much more imagination right now in this house today! I think we just may have left it in Wagga over our (self-created) long weekend... All good fun! Huh! We'll be right. After a few cups of tea.

Catch you soon... Going to put the kettle on again... And rehang the dry cleaned curtains.

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