Monday, July 15, 2013

A knittin' we do go...

It's Monday, wohoo!!! Ever been happy on a Monday?! I am today :-)

You see the largest two small people of the house have returned to school today after their mid-year-winter holidays. So, as much as I love sharing a bit more of their day, I'm also a stickler for routine and that routine is (almost) non-existent when they are on holidays! Therefore today sees a return to routine. Normal, boring everyday routine :-) Doesn't take much to make this girl happy to see a Monday hey?!

Now, I told you last week I had some knitting to share... I also told you I'd post it the next day! For some reason whenever I say I will post life intervenes and the post never happens... funny that life intervenes... :-)

This is a VERY humble little knitted offering. Very humble. There are a number of dropped stitches in this piece ;-( But because I am impatient I just kept right on knitting rather than go back and fix it up. And because this piece is/was a practise pieces to get me sorted with something more than just plain old garter stitch. I am not a natural knitter, in fact I know I look completely uncoordinated whilst knitting :-) I only knit in front of well, almost no-one but Mr Sympathetic... And even he asked me if I was comfortable whilst I was trying to construct a row of plain!

It was good fun to create something I can wear from two sticks and some yarn. The fun bit was that although there are thousands of patterns out there for wonderful pieces, I 'improvised' this little scarf-collar from my own brain :-) How fun is that?! I am not about to get conceited about it though, it could definitely be more perfect! Mr Sympathetic did ask me if I was meaning to be random with my pattern, well, of course I was, he must have thought that this pattern was an accident ;-) But I do wear it, dropped stitches and all! Here it's worn with a thrifted cotton vest from the op-shop.

Hope you've had some fun creative time lately and that you're up for an enjoyable Monday :-)

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