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Hi! I am Emma. And this is my blog; Imagery from Life. It's a blog full of the photos I've taken, amongst the everyday life that I live, on a merino sheep farm in the countryside of Australia.

This blog is my place to publish those pieces of life that otherwise stay buried on the hard drive! It also stays clean even when I turn my back!!! Plus I can spend as little or as much time on it as I wish. Without any tantrums, well, not many anyway ;-)

Currently I would like my occupation as a farming mother. This means that generally my day is spent catering (in many ways) to a family of 3 kids, bloke (husband), dogs (there are 11 here!), ducks, chooks and myself.

I love to take photos. Of many things. I love that a photo captures an image. Sometimes the image reflects exactly what is before you, at other times there is magic involved and it's not quite as you see it. And that image lasts (as long as you remember to back up!!!). 

The photos for this blog will be about moments and places in my life. Every day things. From an everyday girl. In an average country town in Australia. My photos are taken in the midst of life with all the complications that we mums face, so often I am balancing a kid/bag/coat on my hip and listening to the dinner boiling/phone ringing/sheep baa-ing whilst taking the shots for a post.

Of course, the photos have accompanying text. To give the story behind the shot. But you know, it's a tough thing writing about yourself. Well I think so anyway. I find it almost embarrassing, like looking in the mirror when you've just woken up!

And, I'm still learning. It's a great thing to still be learning. I love it when a photo just 'works'. So I take hundreds of  photos, always trying for a better shot or to capture that gorgeous moment.  

The first blogging plan was to post on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. But we all know about plans though hey?! Like rules, they are made to be broken! I've just come back from a BIG break from blogging (almost a year passed though I have no idea how). So I don't promise to post regularly but I do try my darnedest - it's just so much fun :-)

Posts are often about the house. House stuff I've arranged, found in a op/thrift shop or painted. House DIY projects and occasionally a tidy corner that I like the look of. Sometimes it's knitting (I'm an absolute beginner!), painting, drawing, cooking or whateve. But often the posts are images from  'The Farm'. These posts might be shots of wide open spaces or moss growing on rocks. Sheep on hillsides or kids playing in the creek. This is country Australia, hilly country on a merino sheep farm. We love this place and I hope my photos reflect that feeling.

So there's the plan! Please don't shoot me if it doesn't always happen ;-) When I know disruptions are going to happen I'll let you know... otherwise just know I am snowed under, probably buried under the ironing pile!

If you've any comments or questions about this stream of bits about me feel free to email me via .

Hope to see you about here often, sharing in the images of life.

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Content Disclosure:
All written and photographic content from this blog is entirely of my own creation. Any exception to this will be duly acknowledged with the respective content. Obviously this means that any opinions expressed are my own and I take care to create positive and inspiring content sometimes with a humorous twist.