Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Photo Challenge - A Needle & Thread

It's been a while... but here's my latest photo challenge offering... A Needle & Thread.

 So, remember my self-imposed photo challenge? No?! Well, I don't blame you. It's been a while since I had the sense, or concentration, to take simple shots of a single subject. A normal, everyday subject. That looks slightly less 'everyday' just because of the approach of the photos...

I like this type of shot. It's all about the subject. And the background, or rather the lack of a complicated background. In this case the background is a linen-like, white tablecloth. The subject? A needle, and a ball of thread. Admittedly it's a nice ball of thread, but it's a simple ball of thread. I paid $3 for it at a local discount shop. And I was using it for a secret project... more on that another day ;-)

With a nice low 'A' setting, some good (day)light and the tripod I set to 'snapping'. I think my biggest drama is having the patience to get the focus just right. Focused on the right spot...

The last part of the challenge is to stop! Everyone else in the household was outside while I was doing this, so amazingly I was uninterrupted! And so there are a few dozen shots of exactly the same subject and background... Hmmm. This is a small selection ;-) And really, you can look at only so many shots of a needle and thread hey?! Yay for external hard drives!!!

This post was supposed to appear yesterday. Ooops. So you may just get a bonus extra post today, I mentioned on Monday that I had lots to share and I do, have to get it all out there! Though there is some painting to do, I'm onto the last section of the great whitening project... more later...


  1. Hi Emma, thanks for sharing these great photos! by Anna Ash

    1. Hi Anna, ta for your lovely comment! You've inspired me to get my big girl's camera out again!!! Emm.


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