Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Recipe from Life - Fruit Salad

Today is a day for fruit salad. Last Saturday was too! It's a summer dessert for when the sun is shining and you're at least a teensy bit hot... do you agree?

I also reckon that fruit salad is a sneaky way to enjoy some dessert without being too naughty. It's not so unhealthy, especially on it's own, therefore there's no need to feel any guilt as you serve a great big spoon of it into your bowl ;-)

Over the years I've also realised that you don't need a fancy set of fruit to make it either. You can just use what you've got. In fact, sometimes the best fruit is that in your fruit bowl. At least you know it's what the family like!

And, you can change it up. Depending on what you have in that fruit bowl, and what your imagination adds each bowl you make can taste entirely different. You know what they say about change... we'd all love a holiday around here about now... so bring on the fruit salad variations...

Anyways, here is my method for fruit salad. It's hardly a recipe is it?! But I must say it's a dessert that I do over and over in my life. I'd love your versions of fruit salad;  please tell me all about them in the comments section.

Recipe from Life - Fruit Salad

Whatever fruit you have about; apples, pears, watermelon, peaches, rock melon etc etc.
1 tin of passionfruit nectar, or even the nectar real passionfruit!

- Take one bowl and a cutting board


- Chop up each fruit, add to bowl

- Pour passionfruit nectar over fruit
NB - You will have to use your imagination here, there was no handy little tin of passionfruit in the pantry... of course there wasn't, not when I had the tripod and camera all set up, of course not!

- Mix!
NB again - the strange swirl in the shot below is the lemon juice that I used to substitute for the lack of passionfruit... they both stop the apple from browning.


- Eat with ice cream or a yummy yoghurt

Extra tips
- For something a bit fancy-pants add pepitas, sunflower seeds or similar.
- Apple seems to work well as a base fruit (and as school parents we nearly always have an apple or two about!), 'cos it's crunchy.
- You can do 'themed'  salads for a bit of variation, ie. tropical (Add cocunut to this one!) or citrus.

So there you have my fruit salad. Now I'm off to try and do something about my hands! I took the shot below and when I uploaded these pics I realised just how bad the skin on my hands is! Think it might be too late... but I can attempt something hey?! What do you suggest? Something to make my hands look, oh, about a decade younger! Maybe some of that yoghurt that I mentioned... I'll at least get some benefit from licking my fingers :-)


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