Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Short... but sweet!

Today's post is short, but sweet... The littlest one is asleep and I have white painting to do... yes, am STILL painting!

Anyway, here are some lovely pansies picked for us by my lovely mother-inlaw. Placed nicely in a gorgeous cup and saucer lent to me from my lovely sister (long story that one, it will have to wait until another day). And sitting serenely on a crumb-free dining table - how did that miracle occur?!

They have been making me smile since they arrived on Sunday evening... So yesterday I got the camera out to record them for-like-ever (as the gorgeous girl herself states!).

Yes, they are very nice and very sweet.

But how's this? After popping the lens cap back on I looked up to find this little activity happening: 

If that's not sweet too then I'm not a white-paint lover! :-) Isn't it gorgeous?! I love the screwed up face... I wonder if that's what I do when I take photos... Probably~! Priceless. Made my smile even wider; sweet flowers and a sweet little person...

And now it's back to painting. Grrr. Will it ever end? Will my skin ever be the same? That turps has A LOT to answer for.  


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