Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A golden hill

Here is a golden hill just for you :-) You were meant to receive it on Friday but, as I mentioned yesterday, life had other plans!

This photo was the result of me riding on the back of the ute (one of my favourite positions!). I was idly staring out across the valley. Almost snoozing. We'd just thrown seed all over the camp/hill. The sun was not far off setting. Then we turned to head to the gate and whoa!

Check out that hill. It's gold! Whip the camera up and snap! Quick! Before the ute moves off. Luckily the lens cap was off, though best not to make that one a habit ;-) The settings were miraculously right. The shot was done. The one above was the the third shot, the one below was the first... Not that I mind a dog being about, just not spoiling the view of the golden hill!

The next day we went out again to this spot. Another bush BBQ :-) Some fires were lit. And there were clouds on this day. So we hit that golden time of the day and whoa! Here it comes again. That lovely gold. Though the gold is just a little less polished and the clouds kinda steal the show. Hmmm. And there was slightly less spontaneity required on the part of the girl behind the lens - I planned these shots :-)

Right. Now I must be off. There is a distinct smell of paint in the air... White paint ;-) The tricky bit about this painting escapade is that the fire needs to be kept roaring 'cos it's raining outside. And we all know you should only paint on days when you would also hang your washing on the outside line, yes that's the rule that Mr Conscientious taught me... 

You know what they say about rules though ;-)

Do you have your own set of painting rules? Or do you play by the table of rules on the back of the paint tin? I've learnt that it's best when talking to paint-sellers to pretend that that table is your rule list ;-) And probably also to the Mr Conscientious types out there!

OK then. Have fun! Talk soon.

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