Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Anyone for a piece of choccy cake?

So who likes chocolate cake? Did anyone say no?! Yesterday the boy, the littlest one and I did some cooking. Our batch of cooking included this choccy cake.

We enjoyed a piece while it was still warm :-) The best way to eat it hey?! Along with a cuppa of course!

This cake was my basic 2-4-6-8 cake recipe with added cocoa, pepitas and some choc drops which melted making little fudge spots through the cake. Yum! 

It tasted especially good when served on a handmade plate made by my Nan decades ago in the age when ladies did weekly classes with their friends. I love that she made this and it fits beautifully into my house now :-) The silver fork is from Mr Silver's Gran. So the style was provided by the grandparents!

Needless to say this piece didn't last long. In fact, it lasted about 10 seconds after these shots were taken! Once I'd tasted it there was no stopping. The holidays provide time for slow, (slightly) more genteel morning tea sessions. And big cooking sessions with the small people!

I'm downloading pics now of a knitting project I finished recently, will have them posted for you tomorrow, the cooler weather is conducive to knitting! So, you take some time for a nice cuppa and I'll get onto this next post for you :-) Talk soon...

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