Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Sleeping Beauty!

 There's an angel in our bedroom...

Well, there was :-) Here's the littlest one is all snuggled up under the covers late one afternoon; asleep and looking quiet angelic!

It always amazes me just how angelic small people look when they are sleeping. No matter what the antics just prior to the sleeping... no matter how many spills or tantrums. The angel reappears when they fall asleep. All cute snub noses and rose-red lips...

And then there are the eyelashes! 

It was glorious to be able to capture this angel asleep; she was VERY asleep so I could get really close and she didn't even flinch as the camera clicked away :-)

Do you have an angel in your household? It is a true privilege to have small people about. And sleeping ;-) I'll just be sure to keep these shots close by so that when we're in the middle of a tantrum I can look at these images and remember that underneath that tantrum is an angel...

Enjoy the angels!

I'm off to change the sheets while the sun shines :-) A housewife's version of making hay while the sun shines!

PS. This popular post shows a very different being in our household.

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