Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Putting my feet up...

Yesterday I put my feet up...

The day before that I took these photos of me putting my feet up :-) 
On the rocks at The Creek. In the sunshine. It was lovely. 
I should have sat still and savoured the moment. 
Instead I scrambled about on the rocks taking photos of the water. 
It was good fun, but not so restful as putting my feet up and sitting still.

I'm not good at sitting still. Or putting my feet up and sitting still.

Yesterday I did it. Sat still that is. 
Maybe not literally with my feet up. But I did stop.
For the whole time with small people were asleep!

After a morning coffee with girlfriends and their small people.
We came home from coffee, the small people had a sandwich, then they all went to sleep. And I sat. Still. In the sun. It was LOVELY! 

I should have had a sleep, but I couldn't quite bring myself to. I regretted it when the 3pm slump arrived, but we survived...

So, there you go. Some simple little shots of my feet up. Literally.

Oh, I got some reasonable creek/water/rock shots too. Will show you another day.
When I've done enough sitting still, or rather, when I've recovered from this.
I quite enjoyed the stillness, and am thinking of repeating the process today... it is school holidays after all.

Hope you get a chance to put your feet up. Literally and figuratively. Ciao.


  1. Keep putting you feet up Emm. It's essential for ones sanity!! Jx

  2. Yes, I agree, even if I am using the time to write my 'to-do' list!


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