Monday, September 24, 2012


Surprise!!! Welcome to our party...  Come on in...

Have you ever thrown a surprise party? We have. On Saturday. I still can't quite believe we pulled it off! The theme was 'La-Di-Da', at least in our minds. The colours were black, white and silver. The totem? :-) Shoes! 

Can you guess the cause for the party? It was a party for a savvy, city girl. On the momentous anniversary of her birth... and the rest will remain a mystery ;-) I think she was perhaps hoping that the whole birthday would remain a mystery. Well, we couldn't let that happen could we?!

So, we hired a hall. Lined up the tables, spread the white clothes. Laid out the glass jars/bottles (I'd tied the ribbons on in the preceding days/weeks), dropped the candles in. And rolled out the black satin ribbon.

Then we wrapped the cutlery and tied it with ribbon.... Laid out the plates.

Created some 'themed' water jugs; later we added sliced lemon and lime, plus ice and water. It hit the spot on the warm spring day, of course the weather turned it on for us too!

Last of all? We lit the candles, gathered all the guests into a hiding spot, turned the lights out and then... yelled "Surpise!".

With a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday" the savvy girl was assured it was all for her and we all started to breath again!!! We'd done it! With that we all enjoyed a lovely lunch and afternoon, full of scrummy food, good company and a shoe trivia quiz. As you do :-) And of course there was cake... In keeping with the rest of the day... scroll down for a pic.

Thankfully it is now school holidays and we can spend two weeks recovering! Catch you soon.


  1. I love the candles with the black ribbon Emm. It looks gorgeous. Jx

  2. Thanks luv! Yes, they worked a treat. Simple but still with style :-)


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