Sunday, September 30, 2012

The orange puffa vest

Hi! Like my orange puffa vest???

This vest is the best! It's bright, warm and thick. The outside is water/wind resistant, the inside is a lining of polar fleece. In between it's full of fluff! A bit like me; reasonably resilient on the outside, soft on the inside and full of fluff!
It does make for a great little puffa vest!

And you know what?! I bought it, on sale, from the boys department at Myer. Way back, when Myer was known as Grace Bros. I bought it when I was a gangly teenager, ha I wish, I've never been gangly! But it seems I did know a bargain when I saw it, I think I paid $9- for it!
And it just goes to show that some things about yourself never do change... I still love this vest:-) It makes me smile, adding brightness to my day like this yellow scarf.

It has been a staple in my (casual) wardrobe for YEARS!
I generally throw it on when I don't want the bulkiness of a coat, but need lots of warmth.
 I have worn this vest with 'thousands' of woolen layers, scarves and beanies too. But I've also worn it with just a t-shirt underneath, probably even with a sleeveless top. I couldn't tell you all the combos I've worn it with!
It's come on many travels with me, featured in many adventures and posed in many photos!


Do you have a piece of clothing like this? One that you 'scored' in a brilliant way? That you hope will never, ever die?
Actually, not so long ago I saw another very similar vest on sale in the mens department in an everyday store.
I checked the size, not suitable for ANY small person in the house, I stood and thought about how I could convince Mr Cool to wear such a colour (given that mine is almost the same...), I tried so hard to rationally justify the purchase... but I just couldn't and so I left it on the rack.
I've been kicking myself ever since; it could have been a replacement for this old faithful version when it one day dies! I hardly dare to say it, I don't want to jinx myself or the vest!
And silly me, what girl needs to justify a purchase like that?! What a regret :-) You would have realised by now that we sweat the small stuff around here... Hope you have none of this...
But back to reality now...

Happy Monday (when it arrives!) - here it is a public holiday and so we are visiting family. Lovely stuff. Ciao!

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