Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Rainbow Shoes

Here are my new rainbow shoes. Like them? They are just my kind of shoe (at the mo)...

Not high end, probably not even high street! But for $10 Aussie dollars they were definitely coming home with me! Found at our local BigW store. At the back of the rack, right down low. They are fun. And pretty. And definitely not precious ;-) That's just how I like it at this moment in my life.

It would, of course, be lovely to spend hundreds on shoes. Lovely, leather shoes. That would last and last, for years and years. But you know what, that's not where we are at these days. There are 10 feet to shoe in our house. Six of those are growing at a rapid rate, and scuffing their shoes as they grow! Plus, I like a bit of change in my everyday, and definitely some fun. There's also not much time to be precious around here either... sound like your house? 

So, there you go. A little post about a little (shoe) purchase! In my real, everyday life. Ah, the joys. I've a couple of other posts like this one, about clothes, see here and here.

I had a lovely coffee this morning with another mum and she has a similar approach to shopping for a family. And herself. We are very lucky to be able to duck into town and found fun, reasonably priced purchases like these. Now, I'm off to try and get the prickles out of my hands from yesterday, from working in the shearing shed. Ugh. Though I am pleased to note that I am suffering from no extreme soreness, I must be a bit fitter than I thought, a pleasant surprise! There is just a faint general fatigue. A snooze in the sun would be lovely! Dream on dear heart, dream on :-)