Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The entry hall

Here are some moody shots from our front entry...

This room is probably the only spot in the house that I can (mostly) keep just as I like it :-) Note the use of word 'mostly' in that sentence! Like most houses with small people no room is completely immune to their very special touch!

I took these shots in the morning, because this room gets late afternoon sun. They came out moody, well I reckon so anyway.

I'd had a little change-around in here, done some 'foofing' you see. Moved the slab of wood from off the white table to here... added these lovely little birds (purchased at the treasure trove called "The Restoration Centre" in Wagga)... took away anything with colour in it...

Set the aperture with a nice low f-stop. And clicked away. Happily!

Here's the lovely chair given to us by our lovely house-sitters for this trip. They thought the chair would suit our house... they were right ;-)

It all sits together nicely don't you think? Along with my first-ever wreath, made from the willow at the farm, and the dresser from my Grandmother's beach house. Plus all of the bits and bobs on top. Am happy with this room at the moment. But spring is definitely in the air, so colour might just come bouncing back in! Or I might find a treasure while thrifting... So much fun to play about with rooms hey?!

Well, Mr Soon-to-be-Sore is out in the shearing shed today. I am feeling a tad guilty sitting in my nice comfy home, so I will now hop right out of my chair and head for the gorgeous girl's room - it needs a thorough clean and airing. I'll let the spring sun shine in there!