Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It's a Dog's life!

Here's the dam. The dog smelt it about a kilometre off. The dog is half dalmation and would spend half it's life in the water...

Here's the dog hitting the water. And the boy (with accompanying crutches and break). Oh yes, and the stick has just hit the water.

Dog: "Oh hello there!"

Dog: "You're taking photos are you?"

Dog: "Well let me show you how to shake then!"

Dog, with one eye open: "Did you get a shot of that circular motion? Not bad for a pooch of my age."

Dog: "Oh you've moved backwards have you? Scared of a bit of dam water huh?! Well, I'll just finish off."

Dog: "What you didn't bring me a towel?! Well, I'll just have to roll. Excuse me, catch you later."

Who said it was a dog's life? :-)


  1. Yeah, next life I'm coming back as a pampered house cat.

    1. Oh, good idea! They do have the life hey?!


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