Tuesday, June 11, 2013

a little bit of greenery goes a long way

Ever noticed that a little bit of greenery goes a long, long way?! You know, on grey days, when all seems dull and utilitarian, something lifts when some nature is added...
Just like when you add flowers, or cook a cake, or organise a cupboard. Something shifts, the image changes. And something within you lifts :-)

You can tell from the colours in these photos that this was a grey day... always makes for a bit of interest when snapping for me, getting enough light, but sometimes it makes for some nice moodiness...

The table was desperate for some new interest... we were still lagging on this autumness. And I was rather desperate for some colour! Looking about to see what we had I spotted these kaffir limes. We have a kaffir in a pot and it has been moved to it's winter location (in the back shed, romantic hey?!). Upon moving it promptly dropped all of it's fruit! Given the groovy surface I thought them worth saving, just to look at. I'm am acclimatising myself to looking at wrinkles ;-) I hope to live long enough to see wrinkles on my own face and on Mr Grow-Old-Together!

We don't eat these limes :-) When you get to the bottom you'll see why. The leaves are the best bit of this plant. Or rather their savour! You pop them in your thai curries while they are cooking and pull them out to eat. Like bay leaves. Actually I should try a couple of leaves near the warmth of the wood fire, they'd smell lovely and lift my spirits again.

But on this day it was all about the image presented. The green-ness on the table. The plant was a piece from another garden which we hope to grow out; creating a plant with a story :-)

Oh, and here are the limes cut.
  Check out the seeds! Certainly not like those delicious mandarins from the other day...

Today's little lift/greenery is going to come from sifting through the cupboard which stores the (wonderful) hand-me-downs for the littlest one and (hopefully) finding the vaporiser so we all get a reasonable nights sleep tonight - a cold has filled the littlest one's sinuses. And we're all suffering. Even before we catch her cold. Ugh.

Then I will sort through the pics from Saturday and get a post ready for you :-) 
Go find yourself some greenery ;-)


  1. Hi Emma, I do enjoy reading your posts and seeing the world from your viewpoint. I agree about the change greenery can make or any small change for that matter. I am always amazed after I clean my windows...and wonder why I hadn't done it sooner, as everything looks so beautiful. Have a great day xx Merrilyn

    1. Merrilyn! Thanks for your lovely comment :-) So nice to know that we share this little corner of the web! Looking forward to (hopefully) sharing some time later in the year with you. xxx.


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