Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Excuse the title; just couldn't resist using it! How do you like this tatting?

Yes, I'm sure it's called tatting. Such a great name. Do you tat? Well, fancy that! :-) So much fun to play with the word. I don't tat :-( But I do fancy it. It's an age-old craft. And my sister has taught herself to tat. Clever cat, she's learnt to tat! Told you it was fun...

So she visited on the weekend, bought some cotton and a needle and settled in for a tatting session. This is the result. She worked it out from a picture. Don't ask me how, she counted, knotted, twisted and ended up with these. I told you she was a clever cat! I just sat and knitted. What a pair of old ducks hey?! Beside the fire in our cosy chairs. Had to wait until the next morning to take these shots. The night light even beside the fire wasn't enough for needle and thread shots.

Such gorgeous thread. There is just something about it all wrapped together. It's like stationary or linen, it calls to something within! Huh! Am having one of those mornings today  :-)

Had a bit of fun getting the needle in focus. Made me remember taking these shots.

And here is the little bit of tatting that I found on Monday morning hanging daintily on a shelf. A lovely present from a lovely sister :-)

Ah, but that cotton! To think it starts life looking like as a boll and then gets turned in these. Fantastic! Even better when it's used in the fine art of tatting! I love that here in Australia we can see the beginnings of our world in the crops; growing on our land. It makes you appreciate the final product just a little more.

Hmmm. What a green. Not being able to tat (yet, I'd love to learn when I have more brain-space!) I have to find another use for this colour... have brain-box in gear ;-)

 Now that I've got a cuppa in me I feel able to face the outside again, at 9am we did the school run in the pea-soup fog. Knowing that there is a laundry basket full of wet sheets to hang out on the line certainly sent me to the kettle upon arriving home!

 Hope the fog has cleared in your life this morning too!


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