Friday, June 14, 2013

A leaf on the camp

So, how are we all? Huh? Glad it's Friday? I am. Definitely! Well here's a leaf for you. On the camp.

What camping trip you ask? No, not a camping trip, not up in these hills in June~! Definitely not! The camp is a sheep camp. Where they all head at dusk to spend the night. I'm told it's the highest point in their paddock. And therefore the warmest!

Last weekend we reseeded this camp. This involved throwing out seed (by hand) all over this lovely hill... I have a photo of myself throwing seed which I was going to post to prove we really did it by hand but there is NO WAY I am posting it on here; warm, bulky farm clothes do nothing to improve one's physique!

The breeze was brisk! But the slopes, along with walking and throwing seed, kept us warm. And the view was rather invigorating - this is looking east... I think it was raining out there, over the Blue Mountains.

The reason we were reseeding was that it gets bare of grass up there on the camp... lots of sheep tramping about... well, it gets bare of grass... not bare of everything! And the ground covering thus provided by contented snoozing sheep is great for growing new grass, can you see the little brown fertiliser pellets ;-)

The weather conditions were just right for reseeding (apparently the best in the last ten years, or so the Farmer said!). It was damp and there was the promise forecast of more rain to come. And so it has, it's been a damp old week.

Here's where my leaf comes in...

Sitting there innocently on the camp was this leaf. With accompanying water droplets. Drops so clear. And cold! When I tipped the leaf after these photos those droplets were COLD :-)

And with that I will leave you :-) Have a lovely weekend! I think around here we need to find a cosy spot to camp, take our doonas and spend, oh, say, the next six months there. Hidden away! Then again, maybe a view to invigorate would be better and do us good. Even with it's accompanying breezes, they'd help blow the cobwebs away! Alright, alright, best be off before the chill sets in, will pop some more wood on the fire...

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