Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Specimen Table


We have a dining table that regularly doubles duty as a specimen table!!! Please tell me you do too!

I suppose that is what happens when you are a collector of bits and pieces yourself, plus you've bred three small people of like-minds... We often return home with all manner of things in our pockets and bags! Things that make Mr Minimalist just raise his eyebrows, he's given up on the questioning, that's what 10 years of marriage does :-)

Those said 'things' are highly valued specimens and they then get ceremoniously 'dumped' on the table.

Sometimes, if they are note-worthy, they get to have their photo taken :-)

Other times they get unceremoniously dumped into the relevant waste receptacle as the table is set for dinner.

Occasionally the table requires some serious disinfecting. That occurs AFTER the specimen goes in the bin and BEFORE the table is set for dinner. Just thought I'd reassure you on those points :-) On those occasions the small people are disinfected too! 

What does your table get used for?! Or don't I want to know ;-) On that note, it's time for me to say 'ciao'. It's going to be a long day tomorrow. We are going to farewell a lady who is my Nan's oldest friend; they've been friends for sixty years. Friends across oceans in times when it took six weeks on a boat to cross those oceans. May we all have friendships like this in our lives, for all of our lives, with people who are the salt of the earth (and with some who have delicious accents!).

To my Nan, to other people's Nan's and to the longevity of sincere friendship everywhere...

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