Friday, June 21, 2013

Reflections on the dam

 Got time for some reflection???

Here is the same dam (pond/water storage) that the dog enjoyed. But it was a different day with no dog! And therefore no ripples in the dam. The water was completely still and turned into a mirror. Mmmm. Combined with an interesting sky and a treeline on the ridge (just below the sheep camp), the resulting reflections were just lovely. Calm, serene and lovely!

Calm serenity is very much appreciated in my life ;-) There's not much of it about our place. And I know I'm not alone. There's not much calmness in this world we live in. We need to treasure these moments when they happen - though that's often not as easy as it sounds hey? I'd like to think I'm striving for a simpler life with more calmness, sometimes that seems an impossible dream.

 Oh hang on, nice reflections but what's that shadow on the bottom right???

A unintentional self-portrait! Probably the type I am most comfortable with. Especially whilst out on the farm!

Here's the dam without the focus on the reflections. Just an ordinary dam. And you know what it's probably like a day when you don't grab the opportunity to be still and calm. It becomes another ordinary day. Or is that too philosophical? It must be nearly the weekend! :-)

Here's the dam and Mr Burnt watching reflections in the golden hour just before sunset. We won't discuss why his hand was in the water, my only comment is that those who play with fire... you can guess the rest! At least he had some lovely images in front of him to divert his attention whilst he was applying first aid...

Ok, that's it for today. It's Friday, wohooo! And next week is the last week of our school term before our mid-year, winter break. We're on the countdown. To no routine. Well, nearly no routine :-) I don't cope with NO routine, but the time does become less relevant in our day.

Talk soon. I must show you the landscape shots I took that remind me of a scarf I knitted! What? Too philosophical?! Well it is Friday :-) Enjoy.

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  1. Emma, I love the second photo - just gorgeous.


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