Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Brrrr. Look cold? It was freezing! Literally :-)

We went to our local farmers market. For breakfast. On the coldest morning of the winter! What were we thinking? It was safe to say that these coffees were certainly appreciated.

The sun was (sort of) out, luckily. I say 'sort of' because there was a thick fog as well as a frost. This bit of sky above our breakfast perch was blue; made us feel warmer :-)

But the grass didn't look even the slightest bit warm! It was crispy with frost.

So was the marshmellow  marshmallow grass!

*edit; seems I'm getting my marshmellows/marshmallows mixed up! Unforgivable, according to the smallest one.

And as we looked across the marshmallow grass to the horse trotting track the cold was very obvious! Frost and fog!

It was quite gorgeous in a harsh, moody way. The old showground buildings had even more character than their royal status usually awarded them. This photo could shot be in any number of countries in Europe.

And then there were the trotting horses training on the track. In the mist. Hmmm. Am very glad it wasn't me sitting in the little buddy on behind! Now, those people (& the horses too I reckon!) would have needed a coffee when they finished their training!

Not long after this the fog lifted and the sun shone. It turned into a glorious day. Certainly not tropical, but with lovely crisp sunshine. A winter's day to be enjoyed by all. And a Saturday to boot. All good :-)

Today is almost the opposite; we had rain in the night so we woke to warmer temperatures and some glints of sunshine, now it's clouded over and the rain is so fine it's virtually a mist covering the hills. And of course, I've decided to wash bed sheets today :-) Ah, it's all good! Wood fires dry most things, we'll just live amongst the laundry for a day or two.

Catch you soon...

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