Saturday, June 29, 2013

A scarf in the sky...

Remember way back here (seems a decade ago - it was just one week!) when I mentioned a landscape that looked like a scarf???

Well, here it is. First there was a lovely sunset and we were up in the hills, just in the right spot to get some shots :-)

As the sun disappeared behind the line of hills the colours started to dull on the landscape, but the sky was a another story altogether!

The polarising filter on the camera lens did wonderful things with the clouds :-) And suddenly I could see my scarf! Scarf you say? What scarf? Well, last year I knitted myself a scarf. A very simply knitted scarf. But the colours of the wool in it weren't so simple. And I love it! It's the kind of scarf you decide your outfit around, just so you can wear it :-)

The colours in this landscape and sky are those in my scarf. Maybe that visit to the optometrist is overdue! Whatever, it is a very pretty landscape and sky, or so I think ;-)

 Ahhh, just lovely ;-)
Lovely and soothing for the weekend hey?

We're having a VERY quiet weekend. Some small people started the weekend with the sniffles, others developed some significant stomach issues (which consequently kept the larger people up intermittently throughout the night!) and so we're all in quarantine! A quiet quarantine. By the fireside. Just what the doctor ordered :-)

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  1. So sorry the bugs have caught up with you :( but after this your immune systems will be able to fight them off the next time around. Get well soon xx Merrilyn


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