Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Over exposed @ the Courthouse

Yesterday I mentioned a new trick I learnt at the Courthouse!

It's all about how much you over expose, in this case over-exposing myself. You need something to cast a shadow (me), something to provide an interesting background (old brick wall) and then using your exposure compensation (+/- button) to take out everything in the shot except the shadow.

So here's the trick...
Going... (I think this was at about +1 exposure compensation)

Going... (at about +2.3)

Virtually gone... (at about +4.3). I did have another shot with a complete white-out but some of the brick texture in the shadow was lost and I like that hint of something in the background.

Cool trick hey? Thanks to the lovely ladies who came a-courting with me! It's amazing what girls learn when they get together and share tricks...

The light at the courthouse was such that I found it easy to over expose in shots where perhaps it wasn't such a cool trick ;-) But in some of them I quite liked the effect. Here's a couple that probably require sunglasses but at least not ski goggles (I've kept those for our next trip to Whistler, when we've got our gear on!). Huh!

Oh, yes, and here's some more evidence of my tree addiction :-) Ah well, there are worse things that one could be addicted to hey? Like fast cars and fast women! Huh! Right, I'm going back to reality now. Back to a clear, crisp sunny day. The sheets are spinning in the washing machine as I type (finally something household-ish is happening in sequence!) and as soon as they're done they are going on the line for a spot of sunshine.

Happy Wednesday to you all!

PS. It's probably not great to try any other types of over exposure tricks outside a courthouse! Even if the sun is shining ;-)

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