Thursday, June 20, 2013

Birds in the trees

Yesterday at bell time it was sunny! The birds were out; birds with wings and birds who would love to fly but can only run and wear pink...

We (the littlest one & I) were sitting in the sunshine at school waiting for bell time. I was admiring the tree silhouettes with a lovely blue background. The littlest bird in our family was chasing birds! She decided that it was her personal duty to allow no winged bird to rest on the ground of the quadrangle. So she ran, and ran, and ran :-) Super fast, of course!

And the winged birds flew up into the bare branches, rested until the littlest (pink) bird returned to me and then they promptly flew back down onto the ground. Then off the pink bird ran in pursuit, so up they flew into the trees again, and on it went. And went. Until the inevitable happened and the pink bird ran too hard and fell over! What does a mother bird do? Let them run knowing they will most probably fall, or stop the fun and curtail the activity?! I let her run. Who am I to spoil her joy in ridding the quadrangle of birds who think it is their right to be there?! And who could blame them, this is a lunch area so the crumbs are easy feed.

What do you do? Let your small birds run? Or save on the bandaids?

Hope you've got some moments of sunshine in your day.

PS. Wish I noticed the reflections in that puddle (bottom right of pink bird pinks!) - might have been fun to try some tricky shots of trees and their reflections. Sounds like double the fun for a tree lover!

PPS. Hope you've noticed my consistent referrals to trees in my posts this week! It's a comfort that there is some consistency in my life ;-)


  1. Let them run Emma, they won't remember the band aids but they will remember chasing birds and running in the sunshine.

    1. Yes, let them run, there was so much joy in her face when each running mission was accomplished!


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