Monday, July 8, 2013

I read it on the grapevine

Lately I've been hearing reading whispers on the grapevine that is this world wide web, and out in the real world too.

The first whisper was that our local factory that takes Australian-grown vegetables and produces frozen/tinned products was under threat of closure. And the locals aren't happy about it. Fair enough! That factory represents jobs, financial security and a local market for farmers to sell their produce to. No-one wants to see it's closure. So what would stop the closure? Perhaps the purchase of those Australian products from our supermarkets?! 

The next whisper (it's more of an on-going background hum!) is from Mr Patriotic. He stands on his high ground frequently about the need to purchase Australian owned, Australian made products. Of all types, though especially food products. Obviously we are emotionally linked to farming in Australia. And we're proud to be Aussies :-) So he tells me, again and again, that we need to be willing to show this support with our wallets and at the checkout. Hmmm.

The most recent whisper was late last week. I discovered a new blog chick. I admit I've added her to mylist of regulars who I read daily... Shhhh... It is cheaper than buying magazines ;-) Anyways, I've only had time to read a few of her posts but I have a feeling she's a ripper! And this is the whisper that spoke loudly to me. More about this need to support Australian farmers. From a girl who grew up growing food for Australia!

So, what do you do? It is a constant shopping dilemma of mine. This Aussie stuff is generally more expensive. The quality is great. The cost pays for my fellow Australians to have respectable lifestyles. It often gives the farmer who produced the food a chance to break even and not go broke. For factories to stay open and keep families employed. For now we are able to pay the difference, and so we will.

What have you heard/read on the grapevine lately? Do you buy Australian, or is it too much to ask? Do you get on your soapbox about a particular topic? There is certainly a need for normal people to take a stand and support it with their cash actions! Your country needs you :-)

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