Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pods on the Wisteria

Hi! How's your Thursday looking? Mine is paint splattered - still!

So rather than go on about paint splatter lets go out to the courtyard :-) It's much calmer out there. Even if it's a little grey... Behold the wisteria. Or rather, it's seed pods.The last post about the wisteria can be found here, before it last flowered.

The wisteria itself is only a collection of bare stalks right now. It's waiting to be pruned... By me, the cane collector! Mr Secateurs would have pruned it when he did the grapevine but I held him off with the thought that I'd create some more cane wreaths etc as little pressies for others (I DO NOT need any more wreaths, as Mr Secateurs reminded me). I've yet to get out there. The weather is my excuse, though these painting activities aren't helping either!

Anyways, back to the pods...

Aren't they pretty?! I've been plotting these pics for weeks. And you know what? These little pretty-looking pods are quite impressive apparently. When I googled to make sure they were called pods (had to be technically correct!) I learnt that these fellows disperse their seeds by explosion. Yep, explosion! I'll keep the boy busy watching out for these fellows popping ;-) Apparently it takes a nice warm day once the pods have gone brown and dried out, and the pod splits and 'flings' it's seeds (3 or so in each pod) out. Sometimes they travel 10 or so metres!!! Might tell the boy he'll need his safety specs, that will make it even more impressively exciting hey? I think I'll be lining up to watch myself!

I would love to have a go at propagating this wisteria. It really adds to our courtyard and I'd like to know I could create another one or two if required ;-) Might have to have a go once the explosions have occurred...

Ok, reality is calling. I can see the end of these paint splatters. Just one more cutting in run to do and one last coat on the walls. Then the louvred doors, oh, that is a bit scary! Had best be off. Pics for you soon. Enjoy your Thursday, your wisteria and any interesting explosions! ;-)

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