Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A smokey sunset

We've had a lot of smokey sunsets recently...

To the north east of us there have been tens of thousands of square kilometres burnt by bushfire. It's been burning for weeks in the Wollemi National Park. With thick bushland and few (if any) human inhabitants the bushfire has been burning along ridges and down through gorges and valleys.

The result for us has been numerous smokey sunsets. With brilliant hues and blurred landscapes. These shots somehow look as those the hills themselves have been burnt. They haven't and we are very grateful for this, it's just a result of low light levels and a zoomed out lens.

So with that I'll leave you. Just quietly there's only one more sleep until school goes back ;-) The weather is heating up again for the next week, so we're back to doing outside jobs early in the morning and hiding inside in the darkness for the afternoons. The summer version of hibernation!

Talk soon.

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  1. Love these pictures - just gorgeous


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