Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fancy a Scotch (thistle)?!

Today is Tuesday. A new day. And I'm back here posting again - what a victory!

Today we have a thistle. Not a pleasing sight for the farmers of this world. But photogenic nonetheless ;-)

Especially when said thistle is residing upon a hilltop which has a breeze blowing the heat away! We're all about seeking out breezes and removing some of the heat. It's blazingly hot here. Hot for these hills. And for small people who are still on summer holidays... And for mothers who would dearly love some quietness!

So we're bunkered down inside today, with all the blinds down and curtains drawn :-) It's dark but it's cool! And later, when even that is not enough, the air conditioner will be switched on to blow the last of the hot air away.

Not so for this thistle. It sits atop the hill blowing in the breeze. Luckily on top of the hill there is nearly always a breeze.

What are you up to today? Staying out the heat? Or are you on the other side of the world looking for a cosy, warm spot? Crazy globe we live on hey?! But a beautiful globe. Even the thistles can be beautiful :-)

 Hope all is well with you...

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