Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Chillin' with Choc

This afternoon when the small people come home we're going to chill with choc!

We'll take one average everyday glass. Dump a teaspoon of drinking chocolate into it. Add some ice cubes straight from the freezer, plus a scoop of ice cream for the small people (I'm trying to be good!). Then the glass gets filled with milk...

The final touch is a sprinkle of choc on top. Mmmm.

Oh, yes, and a straw! Makes it so much less everyday and so much more exciting for small people :-)

It'll be a drink to celebrate the start of the school year. A drink to drown any anxieties caused by that first day back and all of it's upheavals. A drink to chill our (very) warm selves on this hot summers day. A drink that suits small people and fully grown people :-) Even fully grown ones who are trying to be a little careful of their consumption...

What are your afternoon wind-down plans? I might even try and convince the small people to sit on the front verandah to sip their choc... Make us all stop and talk for a short while. And this afternoon there will be no screens! For anyone, fully grown people included!

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