Saturday, April 27, 2013

Roos with views

Have you ever heard of a roo with a view? No, not a room, a kangaroo! Or in this case, many kangaroos gazing out across sensational coastal views!

These roos were perched atop a headland when we went for an early-enough-for-me morning walk before we left the coast and headed inland for home...

There was a group of them, a mob of them, perched up there. Some were gazing out to seat, some were basking in the sunlight and some were scratching their fleas! Apparently it's quite a problem for them. The littlest one would have liked to get up close and personal with these rooms, but with hind legs that would just about kick you into orbit we were not letting her get too acquainted.

And so we walked on our way, we stuck to the paths and the Roos enjoyed the grass. They were kind enough to share the views! And enjoy them we did! There is a certain luxury of enjoying the freedom of a headland. The breeze blows, the waves roar and on this morning the sun shone. Made it rather hard to leave the coast :)

With that we headed west, up over the Rodrigo ranges, along the waterfall way. Next time I will show you what we saw.... Enjoy these roos with views!

R, emm

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