Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Brisbane by river

Yesterday we were briefly in Brisbane... And our time was spent breakfasting and boating ;)

As you do hey?! We'll the small people had to fed so off to a cafe we went.  This all sounds very lovely hey? It was. Even whilst accompanied by a small wheel chair and an uncomfortably elevated leg... See previous posts for details of our break;)

After the cafe we had not quite an hour to fill, I was up for another coffee, Mr Traveller had a better idea! He had used his I-device and found the city cat (ferry) terminal was very close at hand...

What away to sneak in a tiny bit of sightseeing! With the sun shining, the breeze blowing and the bird's soaring (there were lovely little swallows scooting about the boat) we had a lovely morning.

So there you are, a beautiful Brisbane by boat. We've moved on since then, we've travelled another 300 or so kilometres but there is still water ;) NO more hints, I'll try and get a shot for you today... Until then my tip of the day; always make sure that the objects close to you are lovingly decorated! Can you guess the what I am talking about? My travelling companions on this trip include the boys decorated plaster foot! Talk soon.

R, Emma

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