Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Elm in the sunshine

 Here's some shots of an elm tree branch floating in the sunlight...

This elm is blossoming in the spring weather. It looks pretty. The bare winter branches have blossomed with these pale green, whisper-thin seed pods that turn translucent when the sun shines through them. With dozens of them hanging together they almost have the look of petals, or flowers hanging off the branches.

 It would be cool to try and photograph these little slivers as they blow off the tree on a windy day! It would be one of those cases of being in the right place at the right time, with your camera (and memory card!) ready...
Somehow I'm not great at those right time/place, coordinated moments ;-) Might be something to do with coordinating multiple small people, a household and a husband! Ha! Not so bad really, just normal life hey?

So I did appreciate this moment with the elm tree in the sunshine. Only needing to concentrate on a camera and some seed 'pods'!

OK, so what are you up to today? I'm patching some tile paint in our bathroom (not this one, it doesn't need patching!), hanging washing on the line (as always!), lunch with a cousin who I haven't seen in many years (wonder if we'll recognise each other?!) and then grocery shopping...

Ah, the joys of an everyday life!

No wonder I enjoy pretty, pale green, elm tree seeds...

Enjoy your everyday life today.

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