Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Clouds with Drama

We've had rain about here, and therefore clouds...

The clouds have been more dramatic than the rain, we'd like some more, at least the same again. But in the meantime there are clouds to admire... This is looking towards the east... Oh to have had my big-girls camera with me!

You'll be pleased to know that I was safely pulled off on the side of the road whilst taking these photos. I opened the car windows to snap away. But I didn't leave the vehicle. Or the small person who was in the vehicle with me. In fact, I found some small person music to entertain them whilst I snapped away :-) After three small people I've learnt a few tricks about how to snatch the odd moment for myself ;-) Even when that means sitting up and posting photos on the blog later in the evening!

And you'll have to forgive the next shot... I got hooked on these rear-vision mirror photos on our trip to the red centre of Australia (for posts on that trip click here). I like that you can see where you've come from and yet you can also see what's around you. There were big skies all around today! 

And with that I should be off to bed. Or off to do some more ironing. Perhaps I'll just grab a magazine... Or I might even get ahead of myself and upload the knitting photos I've been waiting to blog about, more on that in my next post ;-)

Nite nite. Talk soon. 

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