Friday, November 22, 2013

Lambs & Small People

Are the weeks gettting shorter? Or is it just me???

This week I actually found myself wishing out-loud that there were more hours in the day! Not sure that I've ever wished that, I'm a girl who loves her sleep/bed/snoozes, even on glorious holidays...

But anyways, back to the subject at hand...

Lambs and small people. Together. And up to mischief!

Firstly, here are the lambs...

Patiently waiting for us to finish checking out the health of their mothers. If left alone the lambs will find a kind of peaceful state, finding a spot in the shade if it's sunny, or nuzzling up to each other looking for milk. They make noise, oh yes, that doesn't stop. Though the mothers probably make more noise! ;-)

But, what happens when you put two small(ish) people in a yard of lambs?

Well, firstly it seems everyone must pose and have their photo taken with the cutest lamb in the yards!

Then, when that becomes a little boring (there are only so many poses you can strike!) small people seem to remember that the lambs would rather be in the shade and so...

On goes the hat! On the lamb. Poor little possum :-) Not that it seemed to mind. After one attempt to escape the photo shoot the lamb just sat quietly, in this shot below it almost looks like it's smiling! Despite the boy's accidental attempt to dislocate it's rear legs!!

It is surprising how much assistance the small people are in the sheep yards. They amaze me. I would love to see as much assistance in the house! Though I have discovered that boppy music certainly assists in the clean-up/tidy-the-toys sessions; we turn some groovy music on and all spend 20 minutes putting stuff away... amazing what gets done! Might have to try and find a similar trick in the kitchen/laundry ;-)

Ok, hope you have a lovely Friday anticipating a nice weekend. Ours is going to involve small people and calves this time! Not quite as fun or relaxing; their mothers are MUCH bigger...

Talk soon.

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