Monday, November 18, 2013

Twinkle Toes

It appears that when one is sticking an especially difficult sticker into one's sticker book one must also engage the toes...

Recently the littlest one was carefully, very carefully, arranging a sticker of a rather fearsome looking shark in her sticker book. It was a rather gorgeous moment. Sitting in her very own to-scale arm chair beside a miraculously tidy book basket, with fairy wings providing additional magic to the scene. Cute stuff :-)

So, I started snapping some shots...

The fingers weren't playing fair with getting a shot, she was concentrating too much on that shark! But the toes captured my attention. Carefully arranged twinkle toes. Interlaced and still. All working to get that shark right in it's place! This one is a perfectionist - that shark must be stick in just so. And so even one's toes must assist. They were interlaced to support the legs, which was in turn supporting the book. All very exact.

So there you have it. Toes of the littlest one. So cute. Almost makes you wish that small people would always stay small! Almost. ;-)

Well, today I had a treasure-hunting score. I must get some pics to show you. It's white and shiny! With the 'patina' that only comes from being used in some-one's home for many a year! Can you guess what it is? If you do keep it to yourself ok? Mr Treasure himself probably doesn't need to know about it. Not quite yet anyways... Talk soon.

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