Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A study of a rose (& friends)

Good day to you! Today for you I have a rose. And it's friends.

Roses are an enigma to me. I've only recently grown fond of them. I could never understand why people were so enamoured by this plant. And I will admit that we've never planted a rose. But when we moved to this house we inherited a number of rose bushes. And so the fondness was kindled. Now, I admit to very much enjoying their flowers. And with care the shrubs themselves are now looking much better. It's still really the flowers that built the fondness though... oh, and the buds.

Our roses (note that I've taken on the ownership!) are giving us their last blooms of the season. And I suppose that's why I'm not completely in love with these plants. For a lot of the year (in this cooler climate) they are not very attractive, at all. And they require a reasonable amount of care even though they are not always attractive and on-show. Actually, you know, they are bit like the small people around here ;-) A lot of care and not always attractive, well, let's be honest, not on-show for very many minutes of the day at all!

Anyways, I'm enjoying the last blooms of the season. As, it seems, are a few other little rose 'friends'... when I started taking photos I realised just how many of these critters were scuttling about on the roses... now I'm not so sure they are friends of the roses.

I think there may have been some sort of ritual happening actually. If you know what I mean. The critters were roughly split in half in their markings and there was a lot of chasing going on! But we'll leave it there shall we?!

We've spent a lovely morning over coffee and scones here. It's just lovely to be able to stop and spend time with friends! Mr Cheeky suggested, when he came home in the middle of it, that we spend most of our time over coffee and scones! I suggested he watch his step and make sure he didn't trip on the ironing on his way out ;-) That is the ironing that was done and piled on his bed to be put away - ha, I wish! 

Hope you get some time to spend over 'coffee and scones' soon!

BTW - The shot below has been 'doctored'. I quite like it :-) Let me know what you think!

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