Friday, April 12, 2013

A Rainy Viewpoint

Hi! This is NOT my viewpoint today... today there is not a drop of rain in sight... though we'd really love some rain...

This was my viewpoint out from the front of our house a few weeks ago. It was lovely and damp. Drizzly, wet rain. Almost a falling mist. But it's probably the most recent rain we've had. And with the beautiful warm autumn days we're starting to feel quite dry. Soon the crisp nights will get cold, and with the first frost even the slight greenish tinge (that is just remaining) will be gone.

It was fun to play with the camera :-)

Quickly, so as to beat the blue sky that started to try and poke through the clouds!

Here's a rose up close. I quite like the colours in this shot. All greens, blues and greys. Quite a restful palette would you not agree?

And then the sun managed to squeeze a few rays between the clouds... not a calender shot, just one taken out the front of my house... an everyday shot... still made me smile when I found it hidden in amongst the photos stored on the computer :-)

Hope you have a few rays of sunshine streaming into your life today!

It's the last day of school for term 1 here so I've another 2 extra rays of sunshine about to be in my life all day, every day for 2 weeks... fun, well fun for some moments :-) We've a trip planned, the house-sitters move in shortly and we're off... So I'll be blogging on the road. Could be interesting! Come along for the drive... See you soon.

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