Monday, April 29, 2013

Fields of cotton

Ever seen a field of cotton? We visited some last week and it was pretty cool!

The cotton we saw was just about to be harvested, in fact they started picking it while we were there. So the green, growing bush had been spray so that the protective bill (seed capsule) around the cotton would crack open allowing the cotton to be removed. The capsule itself is like a hard wooden casing, once this splits open the cotton dries out and starts to resemble a cotton ball (funny that!). 

The cotton is grown in rows the shrub-like bushes :) I am probably getting the terminology all wrong - I am NOT a cotton grower! It was very cool to see row upon row of bushes covered in cotton 'balls' all ready for the picking!

This is the view from the cabin of the cotton picker. Rather a nice view- wide, open horizons. You can see the already harvested rows on the left and the right of the white and waiting rows directly ahead.

The shot below shows the view of the road as we left the cotton fields and headed south to the hills and home. More roos! We must be in Australia :)

Today I'm back into the routines of homelife, well I am trying to get back into them! To catch up on the washing/ironing/housework! All accompanied by a boy with a broken leg! Hmmm. I think I will be glad when school resumes on Wednesday.... Talk soon. Emma.

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