Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A parcel in the post: the turkish towel.

 This turkish towel arrived as a parcel in the post... don't you just love a parcel in the post???

The dog barks, the doorbell rings, there's a van at the kerb and it's the lovely lady from Australia Post standing patiently (she knows I run from the other end of the house - I've told her!), she has her electronic pad for me to sign (though the bank would NEVER accept that signature as my own!) and we exchange pleasantries. I sign. The door is shut and I run back to the other end of the house to gleefully open the parcel...

This parcel was a good one ;-) Check it out, half opened...

Nice little tag to verify the authenticity of origin... or something...

Well, this promising looking parcel and it's contents were destined for a christmas pressie. For any number of the females that I'm giving a gift to this year. It's a lovely towel. It would also make a lovely throw, or tablecloth, or maybe even a scarf! Actually the options are quite impressive. This is a big towel... And it's a lovely cotton... So I started taking photos of it...

And then this happened... I blame the mirror... or maybe it was the tassels... ;-)

Hmmm. Even with my exercise gear on underneath I could see the potential! It looked even better wrapped around my neck (as a scarf, you can check it out below)... Hmmm. I am not sure it will make it into another women's gift... is that evil? To buy with others in mind and then keep it for yourself? Even if you find them something more suited to them? Hmmm. Please tell me you've done it too; kept a parcel for yourself and/or used a turkish towel as a scarf ;-)


  1. Buy another one for yourself!

  2. Looks good on you. I say keep it and find something else for the intended recipient.

  3. Looks good on you. I say keep it and find something else for the intended recipient.

  4. Never!!! How could you?!!

  5. Ha!!! Am loving these comments - thanks! FYI I kept the 'towel' and have already used it as a tablecloth... who knows what else it will become ;)


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