Friday, December 14, 2012

A bit of string and a bit of bling

Today's post involves a bit of bling and a bit of string...

There's some lovely old glass pieces. Collected from various spots. I love this colour... and it was made to be utilitarian!

Add in some crochet.... plus string... and a candle...

Oh, and then some bling. Fairy lights courtesy of Ikea last year, if I remember correctly!

Shove bling in glass jar, cover with crochet, switch on the bling. That's all it take to make my heart sing - I'm a simple girl at heart :-)

Happy Friday! Hopefully next week we'll have a farm post for Friday... it's been a bit mad about here and we haven't spent much time out there over the last couple of weeks... maybe this weekend (fingers crossed!)... Enjoy your weekend!

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