Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hello, I'm ba-ck!

Alright. I know I said I'd be back yesterday. And I was. But just not on here...
The small people and I got home late Sunday night (well, late for them). We had a wonderful time away, as expected. Mr Dedicated stayed behind to 'clean-up'. Nice of him hey? I came home to 'clean-up'. That is, to get the small people back to school, to unpack the car, to buy more milk (the stuff in the fridge was suspicious!). And, of course, to start the washing. Oh the washing! That's where I was yesterday. In the laundry. Wallowing in the piles! Oh, that is, when I wasn't traipsing in and out from the car bringing the bags in. Or when I was in the supermarket buying the milk, plus a few extras so I can avoid the shops again 'til later this week (when I've surfaced from the laundry!)...

But this, my friends, was the morning viewpoint from my house. It welcomed me/us home. And it made the day look promising instead of dreaded. There's something about morning light isn't there? I think I've said before I'm not a morning person. Oh, I've tried. You see I married a morning man and I've tried to be a morning girl! I know it is a lovely time of day. I know the light is good. But I just can't spring out of bed. Even when the light is like this.

Now, I really can't linger any more. There's still loads to do; loads of washing and now the cleaning that I avoided before heading away. I did have a fairy do some magic though - dinner was provided last night AND a chocolate cake - the best kind of fairy :-)

Hope you've got some magic in your life, or some morning light!

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