Monday, December 31, 2012

A leaf 'n a feather

 Shhh, everyone's asleep here...

That is, except for me. Obviously! I am awake, alone and lovin' it! You know how it is in the holidays?! Everyone's here. Everyone's in your face. You're never alone. Hmmm. I forget how much I like being alone, until I can't be ;-)

Here are some pics taken early one morning, late last week... At the farm actually. Of a leaf and a feather. 

I was playing with the exposure compensation. Darker, lighter. Lighter, darker. Still not sure which way I like it; lighter or darker. I think I like the lighter feather and the darker leaf...

What do you reckon? Do you like the dark or the light? Being alone or being with others? Or a bit of both? Maybe it's depends on your mood...


  1. I like the lighter one of both pics and I LOVE being alone after having a crowded house - lovely to have all the bodies in the house, but soooo nice to be clean, tidy and alone!

    1. Oh, I am so excited to (finally) be able to reply to comments! Hope you enjoy your empty house! ;)


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