Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Farm Sunset

Evening to you all. It's not normal for me to be posting at this time. But then there's not much about holidays that is normal hey?! Well, aside from the usual dinner-preparation, washing/ironing, cleaning routine...

So, this post is for tomorrow really. It's a farm post. And we all know Fridays are for farm posts ;-) Well, that is when things are 'normal' - whatever that is hey?! Anyway. Back to this post. It's a sunset at the farm. I gave a sneak peak at this very sunset in this post. Here is the rest of it. The sunset. Well, more the landscape with the sunset highlighting it.

Such fun to play with the light. And the trees...

And the driveway... looks like a regular (if very well-kept) country road hey?! 

Oh, and then a bit of aperture fiddling, just for a bit more fun ;-)

Now, I had convinced myself that the holidays wouldn't affect my posting on this blog. Hmmm. Who was I kidding? Myself obviously! Already it's affected. But not all badly, I have a lovely back-log of photos for you... and I've had some lovely times with family and friends... sometimes the living is as important as the expressing hey?! And perhaps these summer holidays will see me living. BUT, be sure I will need to escape to the one clean, clutter-free place in my life, I WILL BE HERE. Just perhaps not as regularly as I am 'normally' - whatever that is ;-) Ok, ok, I'm off. To bed. Or to do some ironing. See, some things are normal after all!
Catch you soon...

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