Monday, January 7, 2013

A Luscious Lily

Anyone for a luscious lily?
This is a special lily. Special because it's an heirloom from one generation to another. From one garden to another. Passed through the family. Lovely hey?! There's something special about plants that have a story behind them...

And when they have appropriately placed drops of dew, well, I couldn't resist a few photos of them ;-)

Ah, and in the morning light. Soft tones of green and blue. Hit with the lemon of the lily flower. Yep, I had some lovely moments with this lily...

We're living our lives in the mornings at the moment. Getting outside early(ish!), hanging the clothes on the line, watering the garden, playing zoos (actually it's the small people playing zoos - not me). You see, even up here in these hills we're feeling the heat. I know it's nothing compared to further out west; we once shared in those summers too. We're all feeling it out here in Australia this summer. By the middle of the day we're all wilting, even this luscious lily wouldn't be quite so luscious at midday!

So, we shut-down for the middle of the day. Bunker down inside. Eat lunch, have afternoon snoozes, do some craft stuff. It's all good really.

The advantage of living here in the hills is that most evenings a lovely cool breeze sweeps over the great dividing range and we are lucky enough feel the coolness off the coast. I know some other Australian towns who would love a cooling breeze to sweep away the heat shimmer. So here, we enjoy our quiet midday hours and get back outside when it's cooler... and in doing so we see things when they are at their luscious best! ;-)

Here's to hoping you are at your luscious best! Enjoy this lily. Happy Monday!

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